ed2go Course and Career Training Program Student Reviews

ed2go Online Course Reviews

Grammar Refresher

This course is outstanding and helpful to anybody who wants to communicate effectively in our language.  I’m an English teacher, and still I learned the “Why” behind certain topics that had mystified me in the past.   Ellen was great about answering questions promptly and politely.  She was understanding and kind, not condescending or impatient.  Putting the student at ease right away is so important, in my opinion, for a great learning experience.  Thanks, Ellen!

Student from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Mastering Public Speaking

I really liked the course! I learned several things that I can immediately use in my job.  I hope there is an intermediate course soon.

Student from Michigan Virtual University

Introduction to Windows 8

This was one of the best and useful ed2go courses I have taken.  I’ve been waiting for a Windows 8 course to come out and after taking the course I feel much more comfortable with Windows 8.  The instructor, Curt Simmons, did a great job of instructing this online course.  I thought the video added a personal touch to the course.

ed2go Career Training Program Reviews

Records Management Certificate

Everything in the course was clear, the facilitator was prompt and kind in responding to questions. The text book was well written. The mid-term assignment was fun and interesting.

Student from SUNY Institute of Technology

Technical Writing

I appreciate the flexibility that online learning has to offer. My facilitator, Lynn Atkinson, was responsive and very positive with feedback. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Student from California State University, East Bay