ed2go Student Reviews


Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera
August 2013 – Student from Edmonton

I loved this course. It taught me many things that I didn’t know and wanted to learn about. I can take all I have learned and use it in my career. Thank you so much for your course! I loved it and learned so much.

Advanced PC Security
August 2013 – Student from John Wood Community College

The instructor is very knowledgeable in the area of computer security.  I’m in the process of getting back into the arena and these courses have greatly enhanced my understanding of security.

Advanced Fiction Writing
August 2013 – Student from Hartford

What a great class! I learned a lot…The teacher showed he cared by giving great examples, always introducing the topic with a video, and providing exercises and quizzes that reinforced the knowledge. Thank you, Professor Alcorn!

Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach
August 2013 – Student from Vermont Technical College

This was an outstanding class.  It was my first online class and I was very pleased with the course.  I had taken a similar class in college (in a classroom setting) and I expected this to not meet the quality of that – but it did.  My only suggestions for improvement would be to increase the number of questions for the quizzes.  Having only five questions, after a significant amount of information provided, didn’t really make me feel like I was being tested enough.  I made flash cards of everything and repetition was my friend!  I learned a lot and think Mr. Best is a fantastic online instructor.

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