Quiz: What Skills Do You Need to Be an Effective Team Player?


Quiz: What Skills Do You Need to Be an Effective Team Player?

Excerpt From Building Teams That Work Course by ed2go Instructor Vivian Harte

How well suited are you to team membership? This quiz from Building Teams That Work can give you some insight into your abilities and motivations. Don’t think about any of the statements for a long time. Just take them one at a time, and answer as honestly as possible.

Give one of three answers: 1) agree, 2) neither agree nor disagree, or 3) disagree.

1.Whenever I face a challenge, I want to solve it myself

2. I generally want to control what I’m responsible for.

3. I haven’t spent much time thinking about my strengths and weaknesses.

4. I have a hard time admitting mistakes I make.

5. It annoys me when other people do better on a task than I do.

6. I generally feel I can only count on myself.

7. I don’t trust leaders because they always want to dominate the people they lead.

8. I have a tough time getting along with others.

9. I like to stay in my comfort zone because I know I can do my best work there.

10. It’s difficult for me to give compliments to other people.

Give yourself one point for each “agree,” two points for each “neither agree nor disagree,” and three points for “disagree.” Your total will fall somewhere between 10 and 30.

If you scored 22 or above: You can very easily be a team member. Congratulations!

If you scored between 13 and 21: You’re on your way to fit well on a team, so I’m glad you’re already in the right frame of mind.

If you scored between 10 and 12: At first you may not be comfortable as part of a team, but in Building Teams That Work, I’m going to help you through that.