Fun and Original Ways to Use CorelDRAW Templates


Fun and Original Ways to Use CorelDRAW Templates- by ed2go instructor John Sadlouskos

Here are some fun and original ways to use CorelDRAW templates that some of my students have created. Enjoy!

Custom-designed address labels: “Using the label template means I can custom-design 185922347each address label. When I mail my bills, I try to select an appropriate label to go with the bill I’m sending. Clip art is a great way to add color and variety to my work. I use the Master Page to set my return address; then I spend my time doing the art design. My letter carrier tells me the labels are eye-catching and brighten his day.”

Family menu: “I found a one-page menu on CorelDRAW and turned it into my weekly family menu. Instead of appetizers, etc., I put in Mon., Tues., and so on. I also designed room for suggestions for next week, if anyone would like something special. On the right side, I made a column for anything needed at the grocery store. I’ll save this template so that next week I can just enter what we’re having for dinner.”