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Five Steps to Start Making a Beautiful Gift Basket

Start Your Own Gift Basket Business

Five Steps to Start Making a Beautiful Gift Basket by ed2go Instructor Shirley George Frazier

You’re ready to make your first gift basket to celebrate a birthday, new baby, or wedding—and you found the perfect basket in your garage or attic.

But there’s a problem. This beautiful basket isn’t tightly woven. When you stuff it with shred, the shred can be seen through the basket because the natural holes make it visible. So instead of everyone looking at your beautiful creation, they’ll look at the shred peeking through the holes.

How can you turn this untidy appearance into a work of art?

The solution is as easy as it is affordable—add tissue paper around the inside of the basket.

Most baskets need only two sheets of tissue paper. And the shred you add after the tissue paper is in place will hold the tissue sturdily against the inner basket and will also keep shred from peeking through the basket’s holes.

You can accomplish this in five easy steps.

1. Fold the flattened tissue paper in half. If it’s already folded in its packaging, leave it intact.

2. Place the tissue around the inside of the basket. Add another sheet until it connects with the first.

3. If needed, attach tape onto the connected tissue paper to keep it together before inserting the shred.

4. Put shred into the basket, and make sure that the tissue doesn’t move as you include more shred.

5. Stop adding shred when the tissue paper is secure and the shred is just below the basket’s rim.

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