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ed2go Course and Career Training Program Student Reviews

ed2go Online Course Reviews

Grammar Refresher

This course is outstanding and helpful to anybody who wants to communicate effectively in our language.  I’m an English teacher, and still I learned the “Why” behind certain topics that had mystified me in the past.   Ellen was great about answering questions promptly and politely.  She was understanding and kind, not condescending or impatient.  Putting the student at ease right away is so important, in my opinion, for a great learning experience.  Thanks, Ellen!

Student from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Mastering Public Speaking

I really liked the course! I learned several things that I can immediately use in my job.  I hope there is an intermediate course soon.

Student from Michigan Virtual University

Introduction to Windows 8

This was one of the best and useful ed2go courses I have taken.  I’ve been waiting for a Windows 8 course to come out and after taking the course I feel much more comfortable with Windows 8.  The instructor, Curt Simmons, did a great job of instructing this online course.  I thought the video added a personal touch to the course.

ed2go Career Training Program Reviews

Records Management Certificate

Everything in the course was clear, the facilitator was prompt and kind in responding to questions. The text book was well written. The mid-term assignment was fun and interesting.

Student from SUNY Institute of Technology

Technical Writing

I appreciate the flexibility that online learning has to offer. My facilitator, Lynn Atkinson, was responsive and very positive with feedback. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Student from California State University, East Bay

ed2go Student Reviews and Feedback

Introduction to Criminal Law

This was a great course! I would recommend it highly to others.  I have been working in law enforcement for over 13 years and I found the course taught me many things I didn’t know, even with direct experience.

January 2013 – Student from Timberland

Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

I’m 61 and had no idea if I would be able to sweep off the cobwebs in the brain. I was greatly surprised to find out that I could still think and remember what I’d learned decades ago. I was interested in becoming a pharmacy technician and this course was perfect for me. I was able to find out what I did and didn’t know about the field. I really enjoyed the course subject and the style of learning.

January 2013 – Student from Medina County Career Center

Write Fiction Like a Pro

I learned a lot in this course…Mr. Alcorn has done a great job in making this class encouraging and useful. I like the inclusion of the videos with each lesson too. Thanks!

January 2013 – Student from Des Moines Area Community College

ed2go Excel Student Success Story

Just finished my final exam and I wanted to express my appreciation. I really enjoyed your courses (Intro. and Intermediate Excel). I plan to take Advanced Excel later this year.  The timing of the pivot table lessons came in at just the right time. In December, I put in an application for a full-time job with a local public school district in the business office as an accounting clerk. To weed out applicants, I had to take an Excel/Word exam on January 9th. It was a four part test with practical applications of Excel. Each section was a timed test. First assignment was on pivot tables. I was so happy that it was covered in our online lessons, and I used your lesson materials as a review and preparation for my test. To make a long story short, I did well enough on the Excel/Word test to get a first interview. Eventually …. make the second round interview …. then offered the job. Your course helped me! Thank you.”

ed2go Student Winter 2013

ed2go Student Reviews

Employment Law Fundamentals

I found this course to be very helpful with my job.  I liked the fact that the quiz could be taken after each lesson and there were no heavy writing assignments.  I travel with my job and I am gone three out of five working days, so this was perfect for me.  I will recommend this course to all of my co-workers.

August 2012 – Student from State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

The Keys to Effective Editing

I appreciated the variety within the course and found the course to be very helpful. This course has assisted me in feeling more confident. This course provided a ton of useful information and that I can use in business and personal circumstances. Thank you for providing these online courses!

August 2012 – Student from Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek Campus

Mystery Writing

I found this course to be more helpful than other online courses I have taken.  The short videos before each lesson really connected the student to the teacher in a way that online courses usually don’t do.

August 2012 – Student from Midlands Technical College

ed2go Student Review for Alan Simpson – Creating Web Pages

Student Review of ed2go Online Course – Creating Web Pages

“I want you to know how important your method of teaching is to the older student—maybe to others as well.  I am age 70, and though pecking on a keyboard for some time, I’ve never really understood computers and the internet. Thanks to ed2go, and especially instructors like you, you especially, this old-timer has learned more and more this year. When I turned 70, I kind of felt like giving up on doing anything else in life because I felt like I had been left behind.  Technology just ran off and left me in the dust. But my wife challenged me to learn everything about the internet and computers I could learn, and then maybe, she said, I would not be so depressed. 

This is the hardest computer course I’ve taken, and I’ve taken five courses this year—beginning to here. But I must say to you that your method of teaching is really wonderful. One of the most unique ways you communicate is to remind us what we’ve learned: when, where, and how it applies to the current lessons. You are a great teacher in my book, as older folks say.  Keep up the parts where you tell us how to apply what we learned—reviewing it for a sentence or two to help us recall the principle and technique we are applying in the current lesson. That teaching method has helped my mental attitude which had always dwindled as each lesson progressed. But with the “review notes,” I had the confidence to move along. Also, printing what you call screenshots really helped.

When the great-grandkids ask their Grandpa how in the world did he know how to put all the family photos and stories on the internet, I think I’ll just tell them to remember a guy by the name of Alan in their prayers before they go to bed at night.  Very APPRECIATIVELY, Ken, Sr.”