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“Is a Stand-Alone Blog a Better Choice for Me?”


“Is a Stand-Alone Blog a Better Choice for Me?”

By ed2go Instructor  Linda Aksomitis.

One of my students in Introduction to Internet Writing Markets asked this question recently. Here’s how I responded:

Blogging is a big topic, isn’t it? The main difference between a hosted blog and a stand-alone blog is whether you control what you do completely or whether someone else does . . . although the control may be in varying degrees depending on whether the service is free or at a cost.

Let’s compare hosted and stand-alone blogs to renting or buying a house.

Renting a house is like having a hosted blog (from Blogger, WordPress, or another blog service). When you rent, someone else takes care of the technology and sets the rules about what you can do.

Having a stand-alone blog is like buying a house. You own it and have to fix it when it breaks, although if you have a good webhost you may be able to get help from technical support. The only restrictions you have are what’s legal or illegal in the country you live in.

With a hosted blog, you just sign up, decide what you want your blog to look like, and start posting. With a stand-alone blog, you buy a domain name and space from a webhost. Then you install the blogging platform, such as WordPress, on your site. It’s more complicated, but your reward is that you’re in charge.