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Viewpoint when writing fiction by ed2go instructor Steve Alcorn

Viewpoint-by Steve Alcorn

One of the common questions I receive when teaching fiction writing classes goes something like this: “I’m writing a story, and I’d like to know the best way to tell it. I’ve heard about viewpoint, but I don’t really know what my choices are. Can you explain?”

There are three particularly useful viewpoints: first person, third-person limited, and omniscient. First person is the most intimate because you tell the story yourself, using “I” for the main character and sticking to that character’s story. Third-person limited is similar, but you’re telling the story about someone else; you call them by name or “he” or “she.” In omniscient viewpoint, you are all-knowing—you can write about anything!

Choose your viewpoint based on your preference and also which one best serves the story. For example, a very emotional story might work best in first person, while a complex adventure with many characters would be easiest in omniscient. A great way to find the perfect viewpoint is to write the same scene three times, once for each viewpoint, and see which you like best.

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