Viewpoint when writing fiction by ed2go instructor Steve Alcorn

Viewpoint-by Steve Alcorn

One of the common questions I receive when teaching fiction writing classes goes something like this: “I’m writing a story, and I’d like to know the best way to tell it. I’ve heard about viewpoint, but I don’t really know what my choices are. Can you explain?”

There are three particularly useful viewpoints: first person, third-person limited, and omniscient. First person is the most intimate because you tell the story yourself, using “I” for the main character and sticking to that character’s story. Third-person limited is similar, but you’re telling the story about someone else; you call them by name or “he” or “she.” In omniscient viewpoint, you are all-knowing—you can write about anything!

Choose your viewpoint based on your preference and also which one best serves the story. For example, a very emotional story might work best in first person, while a complex adventure with many characters would be easiest in omniscient. A great way to find the perfect viewpoint is to write the same scene three times, once for each viewpoint, and see which you like best.

ed2go online courses by Steve Alcorn:

Write Like a Pro
Advanced Fiction Writing
Mystery Writing
Writing Young Adult Fiction

Stress by ed2go instructor Patricia Addesso

When you need to make a presentation at school, to your boss, or to some other group, does your heart beat a little faster, do your hands get cold, and do you have a fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach? Those reactions are totally normal—but what makes the difference between stressed-out and successful is how you interpret these symptoms.

For example, Person A might think: “I’m scared out of my mind. What if I blow it? This could be my whole career right here. I can’t do this!” Person A is a wreck by the time he or she begins the presentation. In contrast, Person B thinks: “I’m so excited! What an opportunity to get my name and face up in front. This is really going to boost my career. I can’t wait to get started!” Person B has a much greater chance of giving a top-notch presentation.

You have direct control over how you interpret the events around you. That’s a simple truth, but it takes practice to achieve. Over a lifetime, we get into the habit of looking at things either optimistically or pessimistically. So the first step in managing stress about all situations is to take the time to become aware of your tendencies—and then work hard to change them.

ed2go online courses by Patricia Addesso

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II

ed2go Student Reviews

Employment Law Fundamentals

I found this course to be very helpful with my job.  I liked the fact that the quiz could be taken after each lesson and there were no heavy writing assignments.  I travel with my job and I am gone three out of five working days, so this was perfect for me.  I will recommend this course to all of my co-workers.

August 2012 – Student from State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

The Keys to Effective Editing

I appreciated the variety within the course and found the course to be very helpful. This course has assisted me in feeling more confident. This course provided a ton of useful information and that I can use in business and personal circumstances. Thank you for providing these online courses!

August 2012 – Student from Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek Campus

Mystery Writing

I found this course to be more helpful than other online courses I have taken.  The short videos before each lesson really connected the student to the teacher in a way that online courses usually don’t do.

August 2012 – Student from Midlands Technical College

Mastering Public Speaking – ed2go Online Course

By ed2go Instructor Curt Simmons

ed2go online course Mastering Public Speaking

You can become an effective public speaker! In this fun and hands-on course, you’ll find out how to talk confidently and persuasively to both large audiences and small groups. You’ll learn how to plan and deliver your presentations skillfully and how to manage one of the most common public speaking barriers—fear.

As you build your skills step-by-step, you’ll find out how to present a short or long speech, how to handle questions and manage conflict in meetings, and even how to shine in a job interview. You’ll get tips for training your voice and learn how to use both verbal and nonverbal communication effectively. This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions.

Enroll now in Mastering Public Speaking

Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer II a new ed2go Instructor-Led Online Course

ed2go is pleased to announce the launch of a new Instructor-Led Online Course.

Title: Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer II
Instructor: Beverly Schulz

Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 is a powerful software solution that provides support and specialized editing tools for digital photographers and graphic artists. If you know the basics of this powerful program, you’re ready to master advanced techniques, including building collages, doing detailed editing, and restoring old photos. This class is perfect for you if you’re already familiar with cropping, printing, and color adjustments, as well as the use of selection tools, and you want to learn how to add special effects and take your photo-editing skills to the next level.

Publish and Sell Your E-Books a new ed2go Online Course

ed2go is pleased to announce the launch of a new Instructor-Led Online Course.

Title: Publish and Sell Your E-Books
Instructor: Linda Aksomitis

E-books are blazing through the publishing world like a speeding comet, with thousands of previously undiscovered authors as the bright glowing lights in its tail. Independent—indie—authors are becoming overnight sensations in the New York Times and USA Today, on Amazon, and well, everywhere e-books are sold. In this course, you’ll see how you can join their ranks by learning how to publish and sell your own e-book.

Guitar Strumming by ed2go Instructor Edward Burns

By ed2go Instructor Edward Burns

There are a few methods to consider for strumming through the strings of your guitar. If you’re using a guitar pick, grasp it between your thumb and index finger. Point it slightly upward when you down-strum, and use a very light stroke so the pick won’t get caught or hang up in the strings.

Another method is to use one or more of your fingernails. As you strum, just push your finger or fingers down and outward. Your sound will be thicker if you strum with two or even three fingers. This way, you get more than one nail surface raking across the strings. Use a very light stroke as you softly brush your nail (or nails) down through the strings.

When using your thumbnail for strumming, angle it so that it points slightly up. This way, when you down-strum, your thumbnail won’t get caught in the strings. Use a very light stroke, and softly brush your thumbnail down through the strings while rotating your wrist in a relaxed manner.

Edward Burns Teaches - Introduction to Guitar

Navigating Divorce a new ed2go Instructor-Led Online Course

ed2go is pleased to announce the launch of a new Instructor-Led Online Course.

Title: Navigating Divorce
Instructor: Carolyne Call

Getting through a divorce is a daunting, emotional, and disorienting process. In this course, you’ll learn how to move through the divorce process step by step to gain a sense of control and stability, and emerge on the other side as a healthier and happier person.

You’ll start by examining the legal realities of divorce, which can be overwhelming. This course will help you develop a good grasp of your legal options and how to pursue them. You’ll also work through identity, self-esteem, and personal goals, exploring ways to feel better about yourself and your new life. Enroll Now

ed2go Student Review for Alan Simpson – Creating Web Pages

Student Review of ed2go Online Course – Creating Web Pages

“I want you to know how important your method of teaching is to the older student—maybe to others as well.  I am age 70, and though pecking on a keyboard for some time, I’ve never really understood computers and the internet. Thanks to ed2go, and especially instructors like you, you especially, this old-timer has learned more and more this year. When I turned 70, I kind of felt like giving up on doing anything else in life because I felt like I had been left behind.  Technology just ran off and left me in the dust. But my wife challenged me to learn everything about the internet and computers I could learn, and then maybe, she said, I would not be so depressed. 

This is the hardest computer course I’ve taken, and I’ve taken five courses this year—beginning to here. But I must say to you that your method of teaching is really wonderful. One of the most unique ways you communicate is to remind us what we’ve learned: when, where, and how it applies to the current lessons. You are a great teacher in my book, as older folks say.  Keep up the parts where you tell us how to apply what we learned—reviewing it for a sentence or two to help us recall the principle and technique we are applying in the current lesson. That teaching method has helped my mental attitude which had always dwindled as each lesson progressed. But with the “review notes,” I had the confidence to move along. Also, printing what you call screenshots really helped.

When the great-grandkids ask their Grandpa how in the world did he know how to put all the family photos and stories on the internet, I think I’ll just tell them to remember a guy by the name of Alan in their prayers before they go to bed at night.  Very APPRECIATIVELY, Ken, Sr.” 

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